ni hao ni hao

#throwback to my innocent days 😂😂😂 #fail #thatsawasteofgoodchampagne #slmaldives
☀️ (at Hua Hin)


is it juz me or do everyone else look instantly younger at the beach laughin n playin n havin one ball of a time 😸 ( say hi to mommie ! 😄 ) (at Hua-Hin)
🐤  (at Hua-Hin)

#songkran2014 !! (at wip out @RCA)

seeking shelter from the water AND the crowd ! 😁 (at Slim & Flix)
cheeeeeeze 😍😍😍 (at Farm Design (ฟาร์มดีไซน์) ファームデザイン)
but first, lemme take a #selfie 💁 (at Cold Stone Creamery (โคล สโตน ครีมเมอรี่))